April 13, 2024

There is no doubt that becoming a real estate bird dog is one of the best ways to accumulate your real estate investing knowledge and experience. The best part is it is risk free!A lot of beginners start their real estate investing venture as a real estate bird dog before they have amassed sufficient start up capital and experience for their first real estate property. So, what is the better way to start real estate bird dogging? It is generally agreed that you should start from locating an experienced real estate mentor first and procure their consent in order to work with them for scouting profitable property deals for them. Equally important is that they need to agree to guide you on the process of real estate investing right from looking for a profitable property for investment.There are many benefits of working as a real estate bird dog for an experienced real estate mentor. The key benefit is that it is risk free and you get the opportunity to learn property investment from your mentor without having to pay a dime! The hard work is you have to drive around your neighborhood in your spare time during weekend scouting for potential properties for investments.By scouting for properties for your real estate mentor, you would be paid a fee, usually called real estate bid dog fee for referring a profitable deal to them. This “referral fee” can then be accumulated as an investment capital for your future real estate investing. Do not underestimate this referral fee even though it may be small in quantum. In times come, it can be your down payment for your first property.Save for earning while learning, it is also a golden opportunity to expand your networking when working as a real estate bird dog. This is due to the fact that an all rounded bird dog will be required to perform a more through search for profitable property and it usually involves liaising with landlords and mortgage lenders. By knowing these people it will definitely helps in your future real estate investing.It is believed that the opportunities for real estate bird dog is limitless whether the times are good or bad. So, start finding your real estate mentor today and kick off your real estate bird dogging as soon as possible.